Thursday, May 3, 2012

1 million degrees...and how you can fight it.

It's 1 MILLION degrees.

Usually heat is fine with me. I don't love the heat but I will tolerate it. Like one tolerates a car alarm that won't stop. Usually that means I'm tolerating it by yelling loudly and waiting for the person to come outside and shut it off so I can express to them my extreme displeasure.

But when it's hot my tolerance looks a bit different. I can't go outside and yell and shake my fist at the sky (well, I could but i do understand how silly that would actually look). I just pout and write about it and every half hour or so I will burst out into rants about how it's so hot that my neck is sweating. Neck sweat is a problem plaguing america just fyi. So what do I do to combat that...especially at work. I mean, keep in mind that I work in a place where ovens and stoves are ALWAYS on. What do you do when you're suffering from neck sweat?

I have a few suggestions for you that have been working for me.

-Iced Coffee... we can make our classic coffee flavors iced OR we also can make a mocha blended or iced.

-Southern Velvet... THIS has been described as a frozen cupcake in a cup. There are a few people who have tried these and come in now almost every day for this frozen treat. Come and grab one at the drive thru so you won't even need to get out of your air conditioned car!

-Iced Chai... love your vanilla or spiced chai? Come and try it frozen it's REALLY delicious and I promise you won't be disappointed. The great thing about Crazy Day is that we use an amazing blender un-like any other in our town. It will leave these drinks creamy and smooth.

-20 below hot chocolate... This is meant to be made cold. It's frozen hot chocolate but i LOVE to make this hot. I know this isn't about hot drinks. But someday when it's REALLY cold and you're thinking about what you want to drink THAT'S why I'm telling you this. If you're in the mood for chocolate (can we be honest?? when am i not in the mood??) this is the drink for you. Just like the southern velvet it's smooth and dreamy. Can i say dream about a beverage?

-Iced Tea... On a hot summer's day nothing says relax to me like an awesome iced tea. Every day we have ginger plum oolong tea (if you haven't tried this tea yet you NEED to get in here. I'll even give you a free sample.) We also have a sweet southern tea that changes flavors daily. Today our sweet southern tea is an Organic White Peony. Again, if you come and see me... I'll give you a free sample of that as well.

Are you thinking cool and relaxing thoughts?? I know I am:). If you swing by for a drink consider grabbing something for dinner as well. We have some AMAZING dinner options but they're going to go QUICK. We also have some speciality cupcakes that were JUST finished but there are not many of those either.

That's all for me now:) I'm off to stand in front of the fan while sipping iced-tea.

Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things. -Chaim Potok

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