Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello Again...Hello...

As Tracy was leaving to go to the store today she said "Hey! We haven't blogged in awhile..." I said "yeah, i know...someone should probably do that huh??" Tracy then gave me a look that chilled me to my very core...no seriously. My soul feels like it's on Hoth and I need to find a Tauntaun to crawl inside. While she's at the store I've decided to get my blog on so i don't get any more of those looks!

We have been SO busy. That may be an understatement. We've had SO much fun meeting all the new people swinging by the store just to check us out and seeing all the old familiar faces. (sigh...) it's been awesome. We had to take a quick break from our regular store hours due to the wholesale and catering demands...which was SUPER awesome but also sad because we missed those "regulars" and all the brand new people stopping in to say "hey!".

While we were out making delicious food all over Indiana we got to make some EXCITING new changes at the store that we think are going to be really really great. Here they are summed up in a very concise manner which is NOT my strong point... shocking.

1. We will be open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3-6pm for dinner pick ups, bakery pick ups, and for your mid-afternoon coffee/chai/tea pick me ups:). You can also "special order" anything (like usual) and you can get a meal HOT any day of the week *usually* The rest will be our famous freezer meals. This way we can offer you a much wider selection AND even offer amazing AMAZING meals done by special guest chefs (i won't say who... but he's REALLY handsome and my favorite chef EVER!:)

2. We will be carrying a brand new chai tea line! In June we attended CoffeeFest in Chicago and were looking for something new we could bring YOU, our most favorite people. We found it in the David Rio chai. We've always prided ourselves on having products that are not only excellent quality but are also unique to our area. We were able to accomplish just that in the David Rio chai. I'll go into more detail later (because I seriously love this chai so much i want to marry it) but I'm SUPER psyched and let's be honest... I've never steered you wrong before when it comes to tea, chai, or coffee.

3. We will still be offering DELICIOUS desserts. I mean... that's not a change at all. I just really enjoy dessert. If you haven't heard yet we have LOADS of gluten free treats here... and they're magical. Sometimes eating gluten free desserts/foods are like eating rabbit food... I want my food to look and taste AMAZING and Steph does just that... (and I don't even need to eat gluten free). We also have gluten free meals as well! And they are just as delicious as the aforementioned desserts and super hearty! I know LOTS of gluten free people out there... and if I haven't seen you in here yet... you are definitely missing out! Here's a little gluten free goodness...seriously...magic...

4. We are doing a TON of catering and wholesale business. If you need something catered... PLEASE stop in to see us and the many options that we offer OR give us a call:). We'd be happy to work something up for you!

5. Lastly, for those of you who LOVE pinterest (and are secretly or not so secretly addicted to it) we have a Pinterest! I'll be tying that into the blog later (maybe next week??) so you'll definitely want to stay tuned for that!

Alright friends... I think that's all for us here at CDG. I'm working hard to get all of this new stuff around for you so now I'm off to work on the menu!:)


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