Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Menu 9/10-9/14

Hey Folks!

Here's the link to our menu for the week of 9/10-9/14. This menu is changing daily so make sure you call us if you have any questions and get in early so you can make sure you have your pick of the entrees!:) And as always, if you don't see something on here you'd like to special order you can feel free to give us a call and we can whip up almost anything in 48 hours. Looking forward to seeing ya'll Thursday and Friday.



  1. Question - does the price per serving mean that I multiply that times the amount of servings I order for the total price? (It seemed too low to be true!)

  2. Carly, that's correct. If, for example you order 2 of Steve's pork chops it will be 7 dollars for an order of 2 (3.50x2) does that make sense??