Monday, April 9, 2012

Grand (re)Opening!

Happy Monday afternoon to you all!

Let's be honest... sometimes Mondays can be a real bummer. Your weekend has come and gone, the next weekend seems so far away, and perhaps you are reading this while sitting behind a desk in an office that has no window and slightly resembles the fortress of solitude. I have to say, I have been there before. But not today. Today is our grand (re)opening here at Crazy Day Gourmet and we're bouncing around all in happy spirits. All the lack of sleep, and the hair pulling out, and the feelings of wanting to punch tiny koala bears in the face has subsided and the excitement has just taken over (no actual Koala Bears were harmed in the process...they're just too darn cute).

Let me tell you all the juicy details of this week!
We'll be having a different soup and salad everyday! You can check our Facebook page for what soup/salad is on that day.

We are also REALLY excited about our new coffee, tea, chai, mocha, frozen hot chocolate, and even a red velvet frozen drink. All of our coffee and tea is provided by Intelligentsia coffee out of Chicago (and have I mentioned that I have been in love with it for 4 years?!?) and our chai and frozen coffee drinks are provided by Big Train. We also have a drive thru so if you need a quickie (wait for it...) drink just drive on through and visit me (karyn).

Our entrees are running a little differently. We'll have up to 3 different entrees for you to choose from all week long. So if you feel like enchiladas on Tuesday night and then again on Thursday night you can come and get it both times (ya know if you like enchiladas as much as I do). This week we've got lasagna and chicken and wild rice and also potato crusted Quiches, veggie noodle lasagna bolognese, roasted pork loin with seasoned sweet potatoes, cajun cabbage rolls, and cajun stuffed peppers. The cajun stuffed peppers are amazing. Seriously, I'm an incredibly picky eater and I had a few bites for lunch today and could have probably eaten the entire thing but I wasn't sure how to sneak it away from Stephanie. We were also able to adjust our prices just a bit to better suit your budget! Definitely loads of stuff to check out.

Our bakery case is brand new and STUFFED. I'm sitting in front of it right now and i can just feel it looking at me... I want to look at it but I know that if I do I'll eat another cookie or one of the cupcakes. The bakery case, it beckons to me. One cupcake I keep eyeing is the dark chocolate cupcake. It's gluten free which may conjure up a vision of eating cardboard in your head but Stephanie is a master of tasty treats. 2 words will take this cupcake over the top... chocolate ganache. You can't go wrong with a chocolate cupcake, with chocolate chips, covered with a chocolate ganache. I mean... be serious. A new cupcake that I'm SO excited to try is Tracy's Sunday Brunch Cupcake. It's a cinnamon butter cupcake with maple frosting on top and it's sprinkled with...ready?? Bacon. But not just any bacon, no...PANCETTA. The sprinkles are meat. This is a man cupcake if I ever saw one. You may look dainty eating a cupcake but if anyone gives you grief you can just point to your manly chest hair, your mom tattoo on your arm, and the bacon on your cupcake and tell them only a real man could eat this dessert!

Have I made you hungry yet? Is there a puddle of drool in front of your keyboard? Well, we're open til 6 tonight and the rest of the week from 11am to 6pm. Tomorrow we'll be having Tasty Tuesday... which means there will be some YUMMY samples. The soup may sound intimidating but it's SO stinking good and if you have any doubts come in tomorrow to get a sample and I promise you'll walk out with a bowl (or 5!). I'll also be showcasing some of our YUMMY tea and coffee. I look forward to saying hi to all of you this week:)


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  1. So very proud of you ladies. I have orders piling up at work for folks who want to try your tasty goods.

    All the best in your new adventure!