Tuesday, April 24, 2012

heroes...and how you can be one...

Happy Monday! It truly is. After all my travels I'm back at home base. (sigh) it feels REALLY good. This past week I got to go to an AWESOME trade show in Indy. I was definitely out of my element. It was for firefighters and there's pretty much no convincing anyone that I'm a firefighter especially after I ask questions like "so how do you take the one sprayer thing and hook it up to that one hooky thing? where do you keep that giant trampoline thingy? do you know those one people from Jersey Shore?!" So as I was standing in line for an hour and a half to meet Troy and Jake from Swamp People (who are SO amazing) I found myself surrounded by legit firemen. I asked them loads of questions about where they were from and how many years they had been firefighters. I'm sure they felt like they were standing in line with the riddler but it was my only defense mechanism not to sound like a complete idiot. Finally they asked me what I did for a living. After hearing all their stories of heroism and bravery there was a split second when I thought... "ok, what tops their stories?" and since my only answer to that was "astronaut" I told them what I did. That I worked at Crazy Day Gourmet. I was no firefighter, I was no hero...but these big burly guys' eyes lit up and they asked me all kinds of cooking and baking questions. It was SO much fun. I even got to give them a recipe (did i mention we were in line for-ev-er??). And that’s when I realized that food really IS the great common denominator. Everyone must eat to survive and when you can eat really DELICIOUS food it’s even better. From then on when they passed me during the conference or stopped by my booth they said “hey it’s the cupcake girl!!”… a nickname that I’m totally cool with☺. I'm not sure I ever understood until just at that moment how much food brings us together. I never thought I'd have ANYTHING to talk to those guys about. I never thought they'd want to talk to me about food. Everyone has to eat. The process of doing that not only gives us energy and fuel for our lives but also fuel for our souls. I think back to the most special times with my family and it includes us eating around the dinner table. Or having long talks long after the plates have been cleared. Food can bring us together. But what if someone doesn't have that opportunity? Here at Crazy Day Gourmet we've started a project called "Care Like Crazy" and there are 2 different things we do in our Care like Crazy campaign. The first is that for every 10 dinner entrees we sell we are partnering with Fellowship Missions to give a gift certificate to a family in need who may not be able to have a healthy hot dinner together. The 2nd is that for every 10 dozen baked goods we sell we'll donate baked treats to a local school for a child's birthday who would not be able to celebrate otherwise. Here in our school districts children can no longer bring treats from home making it difficult for some people to afford those special school treats. There is nothing you have to do except order your food and baked goods from us! We'll do the rest and keep you posted about how many people YOU are reaching just by getting your food from Crazy Day Gourmet!:) Also, if you have someone in mind that you'd like to nominate for the birthday treats or the meal let us know by sending us a Facebook message! Speaking of facebook... Have you checked out all the updates about our food this week?? I have to tell you... I ordered some cupcakes for my sister-in-law's birthday and they were SO yummy. I also should tell you... my new favorite thing at the store is Tracy's salsa. Holy. Business. I'm not just saying this because Tracy's my dear friend, or my boss, or my homeslice, but because it's literally the best salsa I've ever had. I almost exclusively eat pico de gallo because of the chunky quality so when I saw that it was less chunky than I was used to I was skeptical. But no joke... it's my favorite salsa:). Get yourself into the store to get some of your own. I'd suggest getting the bigger size because it's one of those things that you'll open a bag of tortilla chips and this salsa and you'll realize you've even the entire thing and feel slightly ashamed but oddly proud of yourself. I hope to see all of your faces the rest of this week! much love-k:) It's difficult to believe that people are still starving in this country because food isn't available. -Ronald Reagan

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