Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interviews, Cupcakes, And my Nemesis... the bakery case.

Happy Wednesday!!:)

We're in full swing over here at Crazy Day. The girls are baking and prepping super YUMMY treats and I've sat down in the corner chair with an iced tea (AND A CUPCAKE) and my lap top. It's a happy Wednesday indeed. Also, the bakery case and I are still at odds with one another. This time I'm looking directly at it but since I'm eating a cupcake while glaring at it I MAY be sending it mixed messages.

Speaking of cupcakes and my nemesis, the bakery case, there are some DELICIOUS treats in there right now. Stephanie still has a few of her gluten free gold cupcakes and brownies in the case. Have you tried her apple pie stuffed cupcakes?? The amazing thing about Steph's gluten free goodies is that they're so good you won't even know what's missing. I'm convinced that the only way she can make that happen is through trickery and magic and superior cooking alchemy. I'll let you know if I discover a bunsen burner, test tubes, and schematics back in her cooking station... We have gluten free spiced chai, apple pie, dark chocolate raspberry, and dark chocolate (with GANACHE!!) cupcakes. Tracy has some red velvet, mint chocolate chip, german chocolate, and orange creamsicle cupcakes (the last 2 JUST came out of the oven... they're not even iced yet!!)

Today (and for the next week or two) we'll be profiling our staff. Anymore when I see the phrase "profiling" someone I immediately think of a cop drama. Where the 2 tough and street savvy investigators have to turn to the adorable (should be read...NERDY) tech geek who tells them that they're not looking for a bald body builder but a 5'2 soccer mom in the suburbs (GASP!!) So consider me your tech geek as I introduce to you... Tracy Nichols.

Karyn: (opens kitchen door...) Hey Tracy, I'm going to profile you ok because I need to put something up on the blog.
Tracy: Ummm, Ok.

My favorite food is...

My favorite thing to make is...

I think the best cooking ingredient is...
Roasted Garlic

My favorite cocktail is...
Peach Bellini

First Dish I Ever Made was...
Probably cookies, I think.

My fondest kitchen memory is...
Probably decorating my own wedding cake

My biggest kitchen disaster to date was...
I've burned myself more times than I can possibly count.

My kitchen alter ego would be best described as...
Lucille Ball

My favorite chef/food network personality is...
I'm a big fan of Paula Deen. I really just want to say "How we doin Ya'll??" and "Let's start out with a stick of butter"

I would love/be most surprised if this celebrity showed up in my store...
Bobby Flay saying "Are you ready for a throwdown?!?"

The best cooking/kitchen advice I can give is...
Three Things... 1. Don't be afraid to try something new. 2. Going along with that, your friends make the best taste testers/ guinea pigs and 3. Keep burn cream in your fridge.

That's the end of our first get to know your crazy day girls segment. We hope you stop in for a hot cup of coffee or tea, a cupcake or two, and maybe you can even grab something for dinner! I mean, please come in... before I eat any more of the cupcakes.

"Food should be fun."-Thomas Keller


  1. Loved my cupcake and coffee...and samples of...well, everything I tried today. CDG might be my new pick me up! :)

  2. Hey Carly!!:) I can't wait to see you in here this week. I need my daily dose of Carly!